What is Playcasting?

A playcast is a podcast that you create out of a playlist. Using Playcaster and built in features of OS X, you can share your playlists with friends.

Playcaster combines all of the songs from an iTunes playlist into one large mp3, then uses OS X web sharing to build a podcast out of your playcasted playlists. Your friends can subscribe to your feed in any RSS reader or iTunes and listen to your playlists.


Playcaster 1.0 beta




  1. Run the installer.
  2. Edit ~/Sites/playcast/index.php
  3. Make sure you have web sharing on in the System Preferences. Also make sure you have PHP enabled.


  1. Play a playlist in iTunes and choose "Playcast" from the scripts menu (you may need to restart iTunes).
  2. Give your friends the URL to your playcast. By default this should be the IP address of your local machine followed by '/~username/playcast'. If you have a router, make sure to do port forwarding.

Tip: Use Feedburner to create nice URLs for your podcast. If you do this, make sure to update $link in ~/Sites/playcast/index.php.

Tip: If you want to locate your podcast in a directory other than ~/Sites/playcast edit ~/Library/iTunes/Scripts/Playcast.scpt and change this line to the location of your choice:



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